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“Excellent service, personable, professional and very well respected in the state of RI. If you are looking for the best personal injury or workers compensation attorney for both Rhode Island & Massachusetts make sure it’s Sam Lovett or CJ Lovett representing you!”

– Ester C.

“I work for a sports management firm, and Lovett & Lovett handled the Workers’ Comp claim for one of our clients. Sam did a fantastic job of communicating with me and our client about all aspects of the filing process. He was prompt and thorough in his handling of the claim from start to finish, and I would recommend Lovett & Lovett to anyone looking at a potential Workers Comp claim in the future.”

– Chris L.

“I fell at work and hit my head on a metal sink and sustained a concussion. My work was not very supportive and I wasn’t sure what to do. My friend recommended Sam Lovett and that was the best advice my friend ever gave me. I was working this job and a realtor and I never thought I could get lost wages from my commissions I was losing being stuck at home with head injury. Sam took care of it and Raised my weekly wage to something I could actually live on if that Didn’t happen I would have been homeless as what I was getting before I went to Sam I could not live on . Sam made me feel at ease and I completely trusted him and knew he had my best interest at heart. He dealt with concussions before and understood my symptoms. I got a great settlement where I can rest and go back to work when I feel 100 percent. Without Sam, I would be in trouble. Not only is he a great Lawyer he is a great person as well. I was sad we settled as I miss talking to him. If you need anything, call Sam. Sam is the man. Also his dog is pretty cute too.”

– Kristen R.

“Feel VERY fortunate to have found my way to Sam Lovett. His knowledge, personal attention, caring, availability and promptness in all matters is unmatched. Highly recommend – can’t say enough good things about him. Everything handled beautifully with successful results. Thank you Sam!”

– Holly B.

“Sam Lovett helped me with a workers comp claim this year. I was impressed by his dedication and attention to detail. I am extremely happy with the professional service he provided and would highly recommend Sam.”

– Matthew P.

“After a very unfortunate event I was forced to file a workers compensation claim. I could not have picked a better place to handle this situation. Sam Lovett represented me and I could not be happier with the service I received. His attention to detail and availability are just two of the many things that stood out to me. He was always asking questions and trying to make sure he had everything correct no matter the importance. Additionally, he was available all the time for questions and phone calls or emails. The Lovett & Lovett team has made this very difficult process, extremely easy and has been nothing but first class service.”

– James M.

“I have worked with Sam Lovett on two occasions, and feel fortunate to have him as my lawyer. He offers a very professional service as well as a personal, non-intimidating environment. Sam knows his stuff and is very diligent in getting the job done for his clients. I am very happy with the services provided by Lovett & Lovett, and will continue to have Sam as my lawyer well into the future.”

– Bobby R.

“I have worked with Sam Lovett on multiple occasions and he works harder than any lawyer I have ever worked with. He goes far out of his way to help me in ways I didn’t even know possible. The results we have had together speak for themselves. In all my cases, I have received more than I thought I would. This practice is the kind of practice that is going to treat you like your friends and family rather than treat you like you’re a case number. I would highly recommend anyone in the New England area to use them.”

– Colby C.

“I think it’s safe to say, as cheesy as it is to say it, that I LOVED it and LOVED it.
The environment is as welcoming and friendly as if you were going to visit a good friend to help you with your troubles. Sam, especially, made me feel completely comfortable and confident in his abilities to set the situation straight. I am still in contact with Sam and CJ Lovett, and refer all of my friends and family in Rhode Island to them! I mean it when I tell you, I truly feel bad for you if you chose any other office to handle your problems.”

– Alessandra D.

“I am very pleased with the help I received from Lovett & Lovett. The personal attention that I received was more than I could have hoped for and the professional guidance was second to none. The firm handled my situation on a contingency basis, which means I wasn’t burdened with upfront fees. When I had questions, my calls were usually put through immediately. When I had to leave a message, my calls were almost always returned by days end. Their staff is also very pleasant. I would highly recommend Lovett & Lovett to anyone in need of a legal counsel.”

– Ned R.

“Sam Lovett is one of the most dedicated attorney’s you could ever have. He puts 100% of his time and effort into your case. He guides you through and informs you every step of the way. I would highly recommend Sam as your attorney for any and all personal injury situations. He is also a good man that shows passion and concern truly about you, not only the situation you are going through. If anyone needs a good attorney, don’t go to Sam. IF YOU NEED A GREAT ATTORNEY, HE IS YOUR MAN.”

– John M.

“Lovett & Lovett has represented me on several matters over the years and I cannot even begin to describe the integrity of these individuals. Practicing the Law is their profession; however, helping people in their time of need is truly what matters most to them. I can without hesitation say that I would trust them with my life. I had a devastating crisis in my family a few years ago and the first call that I made was to Sam Lovett… Sam Lovett represented my daughter in a matter that appeared to have absolutely NO HOPE, and tirelessly worked to render an outcome that was not only victorious but still to this day is described as a” MIRACLE”. The moral DNA of these men is stellar and exemplary to what legal representation should look like.”

– Tammy I.

“This was my first time working with Sam Lovett. I was lucky to have him handle my case and am thankful for the help he provided for me. The line of communication was always open and if I needed anything I knew he was just a call away. In the future if I ever need anything I will definitely be back to see Sam Lovett, I would also recommend him to anyone!”

– Justin F.

“Sammy Lovett has represented me on two separate work comp cases and was extremely helpful and educated about every situation I was put in. He is very reliable and answered all my questions and phone calls accurately and immediately. I am very pleased with the service that I received from Sam Lovett and would recommend Lovett and Lovett to anyone looking for educated lawyers that will fight for their clients.”

– Joe L.

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Lovett & Lovett Gets Results

Lovett & LovettLovett & Lovett obtains many settlements in personal injury claims, product liability claims and other legal matters for our clients in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Lovett & Lovett obtained a settlement of $40,000 after mediation for a client whose car was struck by a tire that came off another vehicle. Mediation and arbitration are alternative dispute methods that can yield results and are much less expensive than litigation and trials. We’re here for you.

Lovett & Lovett obtained a settlement of $100,000.00 for a client who was injured while a passenger in a friend’s vehicle. We then obtained an additional $100,000.00 from the client’s parents’ insurer because the client was living with his parents at the time of the accident. Uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance coverage (UM/UIM) can be used even if the vehicle it is insuring is not involved in the accident. Call Lovett & Lovett to find out more. We’re here for you.

Lovett & Lovett settled an auto accident case for the policy limits of $25,000.00 and then obtained a settlement of an additional $100,000.00 for the client from his UM/UIM carrier. Uninsured motorist coverage is essential. It is the coverage that will protect YOU and YOUR FAMILY in the event that an at fault driver has no insurance or limited insurance coverage. We’re here for you.

Lovett & Lovett obtained a settlement of $500,000.00 for a client who had been to two other attorneys previously and had been rejected by a third attorney whom he wanted to take his case. Lovett & Lovett filed suit, was able to obtain missing medical reports, formulated a demand for settlement and negotiated the settlement for a case that had been dormant for over a year beforehand. We’re here for you.

Lovett & Lovett obtained a settlement of over $150,000.00 after arbitration for a client who had a slip and fall incident in Massachusetts that required surgery to repair. There was an allegation that the client was more than 50% at fault. After the hearing the arbitrator sided with the client and made the award in her favor. In Massachusetts you cannot recover damages if you are more than 50% at fault. To learn more about personal injury claims in Massachusetts, call Lovett & Lovett. We’re here for you.

Lovett & Lovett settled the claim of a passenger in a auto accident for the $100,000.00 policy limits and then obtained an additional $50,000.00 from the UM policy of the client’s mother. Two other injured passengers were represented by counsel in New Jersey and Connecticut. Those attorneys referred their clients to Lovett & Lovett who placed the matter in to suit, conducted discovery and ultimately, settled their claims for $100,000.00 each. We’re here for you.

Lovett & Lovett settled the claim of a motorist who was rear-ended at a red light for $80,000.00. Although the client was badly injured, there was no surgery required and the client made a full recovery. We’re here for you. Lovett & Lovett settled a slip and fall claim for $50,000.00 that occurred in a restaurant bathroom in Massachusetts when a faucet use for cleaning was not turned completely off and leaked onto the floor causing a dangerous condition. We’re here for you.

Lovett & Lovett was co-counsel in a contested case that received a jury verdict in excess of $840,000.00 for a client who was injured while riding a moped. We’re here for you.

Lovett & Lovett obtained a settlement of $850,000.00 for a worker who fell down a stairwell after falling off a ladder at a work site sustaining brain injury. We’re here for you.

Lovett & Lovett obtained a confidential settlement for a client in a product liability claim who had his leg amputated by a defective product. We’re here for you.

Lovett & Lovett settled a personal injury claim for a pedestrian who was struck while in a crosswalk in Massachusetts for $750,000.00. The insurer tried to place more than 50% fault with the client. After placing the matter in to suit, Lovett & Lovett obtained the services of private investigators and monitored and filmed the crosswalk. In so doing, we were able to prove that the insurer’s argument was faulty and the matter settled. We’re here for you.

Lovett & Lovett settled a defective product claim for $250,000.00 for a client who was injured at work when a machine he was using malfunctioned and blew up in his face. The injuries were serious but not permanent. Lovett & Lovett also represented the worker for workers’ compensation and ultimately settled the workers’ compensation claim for an additional $85,000.00. We’re here for you.

Lovett & Lovett settled a personal injury claim for the $50,000.00 policy limit for a client who was injured in an intersection accident. The insurer initially did not want to pay the limits and argued contributory negligence against the client. After Lovett & Lovett tracked down and obtained the statement of a witness to the incident, the insurer paid their policy limits. We’re here for you.

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